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Seear Lights Chandelier Cut Glass Crystals as Suncatchers

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Seear Lights are welcoming Spring! 

For many years our chandelier cut glass crystals have been sold to amateur and professional chandelier restorers. We have been pleased to see the finished products of our customers. Below are some examples using our clear and colour and aurora borealis iridescent chandelier crystals.

restoration using Seear Lights crystals    Multi colour chandelier    aurora borealis drops 

As the lighter evenings come, we turn our attention to the best light known to us all - sun light! After all, our chandelier crystals truly come alive when light touches their facets. Sunshine lighting up our oval almonds , icicles , torpedos and other prisms droplets produce the most impressive dazzles. 

We noticed our customers sharing photographs of our chandelier crystals in their garden and draped around windows. They produce a wonderful contrast to shrubs and plants. 

Vitrail            Teal blue glass crystals          red leaf pendalogues

We invite you to visit our store. We are always grateful for photographs of our chandelier crystals enjoying both manmade light and sun light!