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Square Sage Green Clip On Candle Lampshade 6' Diameter Chandelier Shade Regal Classic

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Model: 6inch diameter 4.75 inch high Square Candle Shade Sage Green x1


You are viewing this brand new 6 inch diameter base (158mm) / 4.75 inch high (119mm) square candle shade.

Colour: Sage Green

The shade features white internal lining to help diffuse the light and externally features Sage Green colour plain fabric with contrasting patterned fabric to the corners. This gives the shade a 2-tone effect when lit up as the two fabrics used vary in thickness.

The lampshade is very upmarket looking and features trimming between the two contrasting materials and a superb well matched ribbed trim / braid to the top and bottom of the shade: so no frilly fussy tassels or fringe to worry about!

These shades are ideal for pendant light fittings& chandeliers or wall lights for covering bare bulbs with a view ofsoftening the light.

They would also be effective sat on a candle sticklamp base (as per my photographs) where only a small lamp shade is required.

Very easy to attach: inside the shade is a spring-like affair which simply clips on to a candle (narrow not fat) shaped light bulb (40 Watt max’).

Once lit the fabric creates an attractive pattern that complements the shade and softly diffuses the light that shines from behind it. Very classy!

PLEASENOTE: These are mass produced shades and will have imperfections. Trims and materials have to overlap as part of their manufacture and given the unusual shape of the shade there will be seams on the fabric. Irregularities such as the examples above are characteristic of fabric lampshades.

The shade is constructed on a square shaped frame with curved edges in an'empire' shape. The maximum height is 118mm (4.75 inches).

The pictures shows the shade unwrapped for demonstration reasons, however all shades will be supplied complete with manufacturer's cellophane wrapping as new.

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6 inch diameter base (158mm).

Maximum height 118mm (4.75inches)

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