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Antique Brass Bronze Colour Metal Chandelier or Pendant Light Chain 0.97m 4cm Links


Model: Metal Chandelier / Pendant Light Chain Antique Brass


Here we are selling metal antique look chandelier or pendant light chain in Antique Brass.

Each lot consists of a minimum of 97cm / 39 inch length of quality durable chain. These are ideal for taking the weight of chandelier lights or vintage pendants and the finishes will blend very well with your pendant.

Each lot will contain a minimum of 28 links of chain where each link measures approximately 40mm / 4cm / 1.5 inches. The chain length can be adjusted / shortened but this will require pliers and elbow grease! Each link is not a continual loop - a gap in each link means they can be squeezed open to remove excess links to your own requirements.

Please note that each lot for sale might not consist of one continual length and might come to you in two lengths instead as lots will vary

Please note - ALL items for sale in my store are kept in stock.


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