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25 Chandelier Drops Pastel Colours Crystals Beads Cut Glass Pendant Droplets


Model: Mixed Bundle Spring Pastel Glass Drops


You are viewing this selection of clear and pastel coloured assorted shaped chandelier droplets. Each chain has one clear octagonal droplet attached to a feature shaped coloured droplet.

In total there are 25 chains / strands in this bundle. A delightful mixture of droplets, not just clear glass pieces but an array of pastel colours including:

5x pastel rose/pink leaf shaped droplets, 5x lilac/mauve icicle peg droplets, 5x soft blue/aqua oval shaped drops, 5x deep teal blue long-orb drops & 5x emerald green ovals.

To put the sizes in context, the smallest pieces are the 14mm octagonal drops which connect to the colour droplets. The largest droplet in the photos are the lilac icicle pegs which are 72mm (91mm in total when connected to the clear octagon piece).

These drops are connected with silver coloured hoop rings. I can provide brass rings if required.

These pieces are ideal for dressing you own chandelier / replacing drops or as decoration around the home. Alternatively they are popular for adding to clothing & accessories or may just look good at a wedding reception scattered across tables or hung from a wishing tree. At Christmas, these droplets look great on a Christmas Tree as ornaments.


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