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25 Aurora Borealis AB Iridescent Chandelier Drops Cut Glass Crystals Beads Droplets


Model: AB Mixed Bundle Aurora Borealis Glass Drops


A Superb selection of assorted shaped chandelier droplets. This lot comprises of 25 chains of two droplets in 5 varieties of shapes.

All of the drops in this set are aurora borealis coated / finished. They give of an amazing array of multi-colours whether lit or unlit. I have photographed these drops with various flash exposures to try to demonstrate.   

These are not crystals, they are machine cut glass pieces, however the aurora borealis coating gives them a truly amazing quality kaleidoscope of colours. Perfect crystal alternatives.

The two drops are connected by a silver coloured hoop ring and a further matching ring is provided to hang / attach it to your light.

In total there are 25 strands of glass pieces / droplets. A delightful mixture of droplets, not just octagonal shaped glass pieces but an array of other shapes including: 5 x torpedo shape, 5 x leaf shape, 5 x orb water drop shape, 5 x blunt end icicle & 5 x Almond ovals.  

These pieces are ideal for dressing you own chandelier / replacing drops or as decoration around the home. Alternatively they are popular for adding to clothing & accessories or may just look good at a wedding reception scattered across tables or hung from a wishing tree. At Christmas, these droplets look great on a Christmas Tree as ornaments.

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