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Classical Bankers Desk Lamp Table Light Glass Cowl Shade Only New Replacement


Model: Bankers Glass Shade Only


You are viewing this modern oblong shaped banker’s glass cowl shade only.

This is only suitable for banker’s desk lamps and this is I'm told a generic size to fit most models.

The shade is compatible with the style of lamp as per pictures, Colour: Bottle green externally with white interior for diffusion of light.

Please note: only the glass shade is for sale not the entire lamp!

These lights make wonderful room accessories but when the glass gets smashed they can be a pig to source for replacement.

Has a hole at either end to fit to the banker’s lamp brass fork-like arms.Does require some light fingers to replace as the task can be rather fiddly!

Well worth the time and trouble though.

There is a YouTube video tutorial for fitting which is searchable

If you too have one of these lights with a broken glass shade then this could well be the answer!


220 mm wide x 135 mm deep. (Shade only) 


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