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12 Strands Purple 14mm Octagon Chandelier Drops Glass Crystals 2.4m Garland Beads Droplets


Model: 14mm Purple Glass Octagon drops 2.4m Garland

Quantity: 12 chains of 10 pieces complete with chrome rings and hanging ring  


This lot comprises of new octagonal chandelier droplets in purple glass. These pieces are all identical sized 14 mm octagonal glass droplets.These are machine cut quality glass pieces - not crystal. Each droplet has two holes: one at either end for attaching hoops / links to create chains.

Silver coloured hoops are included and are attached to the drops forming a chain of garlands of 10 pieces long. Each chain of 10 pieces measures approximately 200 mm / 8 inches. This advert comprises of 12 strands of 10 pieces.

If all 12 strands were connected the overall length of the garland would be 2.4m / 96 inches.

They shimmer a subtle multi-coloured dazzle when the light catches them at certain angles. An excellent pure glass crystal alternative. Our chandelier droplets are not lesser quality copies.

These pieces are ideal for dressing you own chandelier / replacing drops or as decoration around the home. Alternatively they are popular for adding to clothing & accessories or may just look good at a wedding reception scattered across tables or hung from a wishing tree. At Christmas, these droplets look great on a Christmas Tree as ornaments.

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