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Beaded Chandelier Inspired Light Bulb Covers GLS & Candle Sizes

Seear Lights are pleased to offer for sale these unique chandelier inspired light bulb covers.

Available in two universal sizes: a small candle bulb shaped model and a larger GLS 'Newton' shaped variant. These covers comprise of glass beads woven onto metal wire. The fit to a light bulb like a jacket / sleeve. Simply slide the cover over the light bulb and fasten the metal hook that secures it. Do not however handle when hot!

Colours include: Clear, Aurora Borealis, Teal, Pink and Multi-Colour. More colours to follow in the coming months.

These covers are an ideal and practical solution to bare light bulbs whether on a lamp base or hanging from the ceiling. They are particularly effective on chandeliers and light fittings with multi arm light points as an alternative to fussy looking lampshades . They are also effective in small spaces such as closets but can just as easily be a cool feature for a large room. Also very striking when dressed on a coloured light bulb.